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Imeila Fonua is a Senior Technical Recruiter who specializes in finding talent for mid-senior level technical roles for various industries. He has more than half a decade of experience acting as a results-driven technical recruiter for both nearshore and offshore talent, and is currently employed by Meta.

Mr. Fonua has an impressive record of working for top companies, and of quickly climbing the ranks to positions of increasing responsibility. His employment history includes work as an Account Executive and as a Senior Technical Recruiter. Throughout his career, co-workers and managers have consistently praised Imeila for his top sales, leadership and organizational skills, as well as his commitment to creative-problem solving.

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What Is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Eventbrite - Imeila Fonua
August 1, 2022

What Is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Eventbrite?

As a Senior Technical Recruiter, you own the entire hiring process. You define your talent acquisition strategy, develop a continuous pipeline of qualified candidates, and advise technical leaders and hiring managers. You also identify talent to meet Eventbrite’s needs, innovate the hiring process, and provide technical advice to hiring managers. If you’re interested in joining […]

June 21, 2022

Imeila Fonua explains Technical Recruiting – Competitors, Skills, and More

According to Imeila Fonua, the first step in becoming a Technical Recruiter is to have a thorough knowledge of the labor market. You need to be updated with the latest workforce trends, labor market conditions, and other factors that affect the recruiting of tech talent. The following article covers the key factors to consider: Getting […]

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