What Is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Eventbrite?

Imeila Fonua

August 1, 2022

What Is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Eventbrite - Imeila Fonua

As a Senior Technical Recruiter, you own the entire hiring process. You define your talent acquisition strategy, develop a continuous pipeline of qualified candidates, and advise technical leaders and hiring managers. You also identify talent to meet Eventbrite’s needs, innovate the hiring process, and provide technical advice to hiring managers. If you’re interested in joining Eventbrite’s talent team, read on for more details about this position.

Job description

The duties of a Senior Technical Recruiter will depend on the company and the industry. They may supervise a team of recruiters or identify people for many jobs. In addition to the technical duties of the position, Senior Technical Recruiters should be able to work well with others and maintain positive relationships. Listed below are some examples of the responsibilities of a Senior Technical Recruiter.

This role is responsible for sourcing applicants for technical positions at Sprintray and conducting interviews. Job duties include:

  • Listing vacancies on job boards and corporate career sites.
  • Calling applicants for formal interviews.
  • Instructing candidates on the nature of the position.
  • Facilitating meetings between the applicant and the hiring manager.

Other responsibilities include initiating background checks and drug testing. Therefore, a Senior Technical Recruiter job description should be detailed enough to depict this position’s tasks accurately.

Skills required

As a senior talent team member at The Arena Group, the Senior Technical Recruiter is responsible for strategically executing the recruiting roadmap. Reporting to the Head of Talent, the Senior Technical Recruiter also leverages their experience managing hiring initiatives to partner with leadership and develop relationships. To succeed in this role, the Senior Technical Recruiter must be highly organized and able to work with various stakeholders.

While most senior recruiters do not have specific field certifications, many obtain general recruiting certifications to improve their skills and increase their earnings. Senior technical recruiters may also have specialized knowledge, such as software engineering, which enables them to attract top candidates to a company. They must also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain good relationships with hiring managers. They must also be able to communicate effectively in English and Spanish.


To become a Senior Technical Recruiter, you must have several qualities and skills. In job listings, you can find a list of the top skills and qualifications required for the role. When writing your resume, highlight relevant experience and skills that make you the best candidate for the job. Below are some other qualities that a Senior Technical Recruiter should have. Below are essential qualifications you must possess to become a Senior Technical Recruiter.

Additionally, you should be well educated on the job duties of a Senior Technical Recruiter. You can prosper without a bachelor’s degree. One in nine of them didn’t finish college. Most Senior Technical Recruiters have a degree in business, psychology, or communication. Some have degrees in human resources management.


The salary of a Senior Technical Recruiter varies depending on the company and location. Some companies are paying more than $100k for a recruiter, while others are much lower. These salary data are based on self-reported salaries and may not reflect the actual compensation you will receive. In addition, recruiters’ salaries vary widely depending on their educational background, experience level, and location. This page’s content is a guide.

The average annual salary for a senior technical recruiter varies from $82,422 to $101,975 in the United States. This salary range is based on base salary and yearly incentive packages. In addition to the base salary, a he can earn annual bonuses and benefits, depending on the company. However, the total cash compensation for this position can vary from $83,471 to $103,001.